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Duggar Family Found In Violation Of Ban On Large Gatherings — The Babylon Bee

Now I wonder how many of us during quarantine have made a way to visit with family and friends! This family seems to always get put on the headlines when it comes to talking about religious beliefs and convictions and what it’s like to raise and discipline a large family. Now, here’s something new to gossip about, when it comes to this family, I would say many families have continued to gather, even with the stay at home orders. This family is in the public spotlight and anything controversial, to speak against this Christian family adds more dollars to the ones reporting it. This family getting together is no big deal, since they are more than half that of a small church gathering which in recent news, has been mentioned as to where several spreads of COVID-19 was a concern. Let’s look into that, it’s more of a major health concern, than this family gathering on their private 500+ acres of land. They have plenty of room to social distance themselves, because of Corona, which is not a situation to take lightly. Tell me what y’all think!

Published by Alexandria Mackell

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