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Before entering the world of gaming, a good internet connection is needed. Then once connected to the internet, one can join new platforms, collect data, and have the internet serve as a way to:

  • Conduct Research
  • Downloading files
  • Hold Group Discussion and Build new groups
  • Access to play Interactive games
  • Educate oneself
  • Build friendships 
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With the internet it provides one access to the world wide web. Which is where one can find access to all types of social platforms and entertainment. Not to mention, being able to hav access to many all over the globe. Which in turn, makes it possible for others on the web to build new friendships with other users on the web. Especially, if both users have a similar interest, like “Gaming”. Gaming is an interactive game on the web or accessed by way of using a game console. These interactive games one likes to play can be destructive, educative, socialize and have a wide range of game plays, created by the content creators. Most gamers, stream or play using an Xbox, PlayStation or use of a Nintendo game console.

Jones and Burgess writes about their research conducted on emotional attachment seen in gaming. They say, most gamers form an attachment to their characters and depending on the attachment to the character played, will depend on how the players operate the character through the game (2020). As well, it is written how some players find themselves relating and “transforming”, through performance in the game to one’s own character (2020). Gamers also, coin the term non players, which are every other avatar not being played, by the player.

This study Conducted by Burgess and Jones, is just one of many points of views on gaming. In other games, such as “mass effect”, there are avatar men, who form relationships with avatar ladies. So, in these games, men player characters are able to form heterosexual relationships/virtual relationships (2020). I suppose then with all the emotional transformation of many gamers feeling like they are their characters, one may also feel an emotional attachment to how they play the game and form these avatar relationships. Emotional attachments, shapes ones behavior and one’s behavior is displayed in how gamers are playing the game. Some behaviors may be aggressive in nature or have no attachment to the character, not leading to outcomes of playing the game.

In an article written by Simon Parkin, he writes about Anita Sarkeesian. She is a feminist who wants the depiction of women in games to display value and not be egotistical or misogynistic (2014). If one thinks about it, gaming can be played by literally any age mate, who has access to being able to play these misogynistic games, lets say. What if since the gaming industry is predominately male dominated, what if that gamer is a young male. This young male ends up playing “fallout universe” or “mass effect”. This game could be teaching this young child different perspectives in how to see a women.  Like in research of Burgess and Jones (2014), showed a distinction between PC’s and NPC’s in which many player characters had opportunities in the game to meet female NPC’s and form relationships. Anita Sarkeesian, wants to add diversity amongst the players who are mainly, male and dominating the gaming world. She would like to take away the misogyny in gaming and raise awareness for gender equality. Meanwhile other serious gamers are afraid of that change and fear they will become oppressed. (2014). But, as more of a progressive era approaches, Anita will continue to speak on the  Which, could be the reason, contributed to the harassment of Anita Sarkeesian, but she will still continue to speak up on gender related issues, especially in gaming (2014).

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