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Using the Internet to Find Information on Health Communication and the Fear of Vaccinations – Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Infographic: Patients with COVID-19 have reportedly had mild to severe respiratory illness. Symptoms include: fever, cough, and shortness of breath.

Sometimes it takes the outbreak of law and order to start bringing about awareness and change in the world for things that have been or are unjust. However, many are swarming to the internet to find answers to covid-19. This post is simply about the information which can be found on the internet and how COVID-19, is effecting everyone around the world. With the use of the internet one can stay informed and share ideas and gain insight with others on other platforms about how COVID-19 is affecting others.

Bringing about the current news and safety tips for not one race or gender, but for all. Public health officials jobs must be difficult. Always having to have the latest and most accurate information. Then on top of that addressing the general public and their concerning fears of old and newer vaccinations. Some fears create confusion for parents delaying young children from getting needed and suggested vaccinations. The fears of vaccinations has been around for many years, although Glasper, A, says public fear is not confined to the past (2019). However, starting with the polio vaccination of the 1960s. The first few vaccinations that were given had live polio agents, which contributed to medical impairments of individuals which had received that live polio vaccination. However, since the, 1990’s, the polio vaccination has been altered and has been changed. It is much safer and uses an inactive polio agent till date (Myhre et al, 2020).

Youth and COVID-19

            There has been questions as to the development of covid-19 vaccination, because of the previous years of vaccinations and concerns. The challenge public health officials are faced with,. Such as delivering the information as to the preclinical trials of the COVID-19 vaccination and researchers and scientist working diligently to have a vaccination ready within two years and a set date nearing 2021 (Myhre, J.  Sifris, D, M.D and Brauner, D. 2020). In general it usually takes scientists and researchers about 10 years, more or less for new vaccination development. Though, things have been moving fast. The development of the pre-trial is happening right now in Northern America, Europe and Asia (Myhre et al, 2020). The release of the pre-trial is being tried on no less than 130 candidates. The responsibility now with the vaccination would be making sure to have a current, positive, concrete- evidence and assurance, the vaccination will pass with a 70% effective rate. Anything less than 70% the Federal Drug Administration department will not be able to approve the release of a COVID-19 vaccine (Myhre et al, 2020).

Not compared to COVID-19, but the flu vaccination can be developed by using an egg and it can multiply several times over. However, researchers have not found a plant or any other potential resource to increase the development of the COVID-19 vaccine (Myhre et al, 2020). However, when the vaccination is ready public health officials know that they’ll will be many ready to receive the vaccination and also some will have that fear.  Researchers and scientists are working daily to assure the safety and reliability and preparation for the administration of COVID-19 to many community members. The more persons vaccinated will develop antibodies against covid-19 and many will have few to no symptoms. The development expected, is to provide protection for the community, along with the security of fewer to no lives lost.

There are 20 million unvaccinated and under vaccinated children in the world that pose a potential harm to the community, because of parental fears Glasper (2019).

With access to the internet the general public can have access to what’s being said in the social media, ads, and the use of accessing research and have reliable and accessible web links, to official web pages with up to date information.

Currently there are 10 clinical trials to fight against COVID-19. There are four phases a vaccinations has to pass at a 70% effective rate. Two of those vaccinations are in the third phase, 6 are in stages 1-2, and last, there are two COVID-19 vaccination in phase 1 (Myhre et al, 2020).   Public health officials may fight against misinformation on social media and about previously existed fears, But with the internet and the help of the public health officials many can check the web.

Vaccines has been a huge support in keeping America vaccinated against deadly diseases and therefore minimizes suffering from the disease itself which could sometimes be fatal. Diseases has no race, age, gender difference or sexual preference. I feel with the fight of coid-19, it has brought many together to find a common answer to a nation wide spread.


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    Myhre, James. Sifris, Dennis M.D; Brauner, Dale (2020). “Why developing covid-19 vaccine is so challenging”. Coronavirus news

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