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Using the Internet to Find Information on Health Communication and the Fear of Vaccinations – Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Sometimes it takes the outbreak of law and order to start bringing about awareness and change in the world for things that have been or are unjust. However, many are swarming to the internet to find answers to covid-19. This post is simply about the information which can be found on the internet and howContinue reading “Using the Internet to Find Information on Health Communication and the Fear of Vaccinations – Coronavirus (Covid-19)”


Before entering the world of gaming, a good internet connection is needed. Then once connected to the internet, one can join new platforms, collect data, and have the internet serve as a way to: Conduct Research Downloading files Hold Group Discussion and Build new groups Access to play Interactive games Educate oneself Build friendshipsĀ  WithContinue reading “Gaming”

The Southern State – Florida

When hearing the word, Plantation in the 21st century one may think of a field full of rich nutritious foods, crops, cotton fields or something to do with farming. Many hear that name and automatically think of people of color and slaves and slave owners. I recall going through school and hearing about Harriet Tubman,Continue reading “The Southern State – Florida”

T.V Portrayal of Intersectionality: “Green Leaf”

#AfricanAmericans #Religion #Intersectionality #Greenleaf #Sexuality When I think of green leaves, I think about it in the form of individuals lives. Leaves can be in comparison to life. They live, reproduce and die. No human stays for long. We grow, and try to stay healthy. We live and love, all the while life goes on.Continue reading “T.V Portrayal of Intersectionality: “Green Leaf””

Beyonce’s LemonadešŸ‹

In Beyonce’s lemonade documentary, the women displayed in the beginning were different shades of, women of color. They were staging in the documentary in their vintage casual garments. They were staging near feilds and old wooded homes, giving off a sense of unity and attitudes, of the colored woman. The beginning of lemonade, an hourContinue reading “Beyonce’s LemonadešŸ‹”