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The Southern State – Florida

When hearing the word, Plantation in the 21st century one may think of a field full of rich nutritious foods, crops, cotton fields or something to do with farming. Many hear that name and automatically think of people of color and slaves and slave owners. I recall going through school and hearing about Harriet Tubman, Sojourner Truth, segregation and the Jim Crow Laws. The way people of color slaved over plantation fields, sweating, picking cotton and living in America a place they call the “land of the free”, a place where “dreams comes true”, yet has a horrid past of, not all citizens having freedom, but being owned by other human beings. People of color, worked the fields and were slaves to the white man. This is where men lost some of their dignity, because their women of color were mistreated, raped, forced into sex, and traded to other white slave owners. Most of these lands were in the South, but Florida. Florida, never comes to mind.

South (United States of America) - Wikitravel

According to Bowman and Forde, Slave labor had contributed to building up Florida State. Harry Flagler, was a white, rich man, who long after the civil war, took advantage of laboring African Americans, involuntarily and used his White privilege to salvage investigation reports of his illegal activity of working people of color. He worked them to build roads, hotels, and more (Bowman et al, 2018). I wanted to post a bit of history on Florida State, given the petition for a name change in Florida city taking place currently. In Florida city, in plantation, it is said not to have been a place where slaves worked (t.v news report).

Several Persons has their hands involved in creating a petition to change one of the names in Florida City. One of them is, Dharyl Auguste. The name of that city, is called Plantation. From the media coverage, it showed this interviewing of Dharyl Auguste about why he is going around asking for this petition to be signed and why he feels the name of plantation needs to be changed. Dharyl responded, in light of the recent events with Black Lives Matter and the death of George Floyd, having such a name like that is going to continue to cause division, given the current events in the news about people of color.

Given what is known about Plantations and the city, “Plantation” and the current events of today, I would say it is be-fitting to move along with the petition with the rest of those who are making change in the world and are acquiring for change. There are plenty of other names to go for. Florida, is known, as the “sunshine state”, it shouldn’t be tarnished because of wanting to keep a name, such as “Plantation”, in the city of Plantation. Plantation, just by hearing, to not only people of color, but other races, hears this word as a word with such negativity attached to it and it’s history. When One thinks of sunshine, it ought to make you happy, but there is nothing about touring a city, with Florida state with a name like “plantation”. As an African American Female, There is nothing historic about the name, like that of visiting Jamestown, Martin Luther King Monument or the Black and Wax Museum etc. Changing the name of Plantation, will not lose any meaning, but would rather gain one.

Bryan Bowman and Kathy Roberts Forde (2018). “How slave labor built the state of Florida — decades after the Civil War”. Washington Post.


Beyonce’s Lemonade🍋

Taking something sour and tart and making it into something sweet and tasteful #lemonade #beyonce #blogpost1

In Beyonce’s lemonade documentary, the women displayed in the beginning were different shades of, women of color. They were staging in the documentary in their vintage casual garments. They were staging near feilds and old wooded homes, giving off a sense of unity and attitudes, of the colored woman. The beginning of lemonade, an hour long documentary reminded me of the film, “Harriet” and the “color purple”. Both of these women were strong and faced multiple challenges, in which they had overcome and they too in the beginning wore faces and attitudes of seriousness. They too suffered multiple challenge, pain, and alsodalso not wear smiles on their faces.

The documentary could be a depiction of many women of color, whom can relate to the art of Beyonce telling a story and being artistically vulnerable and emotionally naked. Beyonce’s lemonade, Artistically displayed sadness, seriousness, and a flat emotional affect of the women shown throughout. Beyonce, was ready to tell us a story of her pain and not only her pain, but the pain of many other African American woman. Throughout the documentary, what is shown is also the strength of the women. Beyonce displayed Trayvon Martin’s mother holding a picture of him. This mother lost her son, due to racial profiling of a police officer. Which is another form and different type of struggle and strength of an African American mother/woman. Just Trayvon’s mother appearing in Beyonce’s video, shows resiliency and that she is not alone and has a platform to display black lives matter.

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The Law and The Enforcers

Death leaves a heartache, no one can heal.đź’• Love leaves a memory no one can steal~ Germa

Stuart Hall right about the speculation of the other and how images can carry different meanings when looking at them. He writes how to meanings can be carried by the text itself and by the symbolism of the picture itself. This picture is from the protest of black lives matter after the death of George Floyd. George Floyd was killed by a police officer who was on duty. Not knowing, but only seeing this image one can start to make their own speculations as to what may be happening in this picture.

When looking at this picture it is clear there is a division between the civilians and that of the police officers. The police officers are standing in their uniforms and maybe protecting some other citizens from harm. However in this picture, it appears that the officers have weapons in their hands. It appears that the officers are ready for any type of disturbance coming from the civilians standing across from them. It could be read as the officers are not only protecting something or other citizens who are not standing in front of them, but are ready to protect themselves as well from the civilians shown in the picture.

The civilians on the other hand looking onward towards the officers are also shown as strong, and upset about something. They are holding up their hands. Two hands in the air, is a symbolism of “hands in the air don’t shoot” , meaning the person is surrendering, a message to the police. (in the picture) One Hand in the air, holding a knotted fist. This symbolizes freedom, black lives matter.

Another portrayal that speaks of this picture, are the civilians. They are all ages, from different walk of life. They are from multiple races and all genders all in one place looking to spread their message. In the picture there also is an indication of a recent event with the wearing of the masks. Could indicate the protection of the infectious disease COVID-19. Wherever, these groups of people are moving to the police are standing as the barrier.

With all the differences pointed out from this picture, Hall mentions how one can pull out multiple meanings from an image. He says there is no need on making up a fixed meaning. Rather it is best to ask oneself a set of questions as to what the preferred message could be. This is exactly what I had experienced when breaking down this photo. I asked a set of questions. However, the bigger message in this picture is the people are not being protected and these civilians are out in public, making what is happening in this picture a societal issue, which has joined many groups of people together for the cause….. The cause for police brutality to stop. A cause for young people of color, especially the Black male to stop being targets of White male officers, and for all lives to matter. Everyone may get a different meaning. What’s yours?


Hall,Stuart ( )”Spectacle of the other”. Representation: cultural representations and signifying practices

Using the Internet to Find Information on Health Communication and the Fear of Vaccinations – Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Infographic: Patients with COVID-19 have reportedly had mild to severe respiratory illness. Symptoms include: fever, cough, and shortness of breath.

Sometimes it takes the outbreak of law and order to start bringing about awareness and change in the world for things that have been or are unjust. However, many are swarming to the internet to find answers to covid-19. This post is simply about the information which can be found on the internet and how COVID-19, is effecting everyone around the world. With the use of the internet one can stay informed and share ideas and gain insight with others on other platforms about how COVID-19 is affecting others.

Bringing about the current news and safety tips for not one race or gender, but for all. Public health officials jobs must be difficult. Always having to have the latest and most accurate information. Then on top of that addressing the general public and their concerning fears of old and newer vaccinations. Some fears create confusion for parents delaying young children from getting needed and suggested vaccinations. The fears of vaccinations has been around for many years, although Glasper, A, says public fear is not confined to the past (2019). However, starting with the polio vaccination of the 1960s. The first few vaccinations that were given had live polio agents, which contributed to medical impairments of individuals which had received that live polio vaccination. However, since the, 1990’s, the polio vaccination has been altered and has been changed. It is much safer and uses an inactive polio agent till date (Myhre et al, 2020).

Youth and COVID-19

            There has been questions as to the development of covid-19 vaccination, because of the previous years of vaccinations and concerns. The challenge public health officials are faced with,. Such as delivering the information as to the preclinical trials of the COVID-19 vaccination and researchers and scientist working diligently to have a vaccination ready within two years and a set date nearing 2021 (Myhre, J.  Sifris, D, M.D and Brauner, D. 2020). In general it usually takes scientists and researchers about 10 years, more or less for new vaccination development. Though, things have been moving fast. The development of the pre-trial is happening right now in Northern America, Europe and Asia (Myhre et al, 2020). The release of the pre-trial is being tried on no less than 130 candidates. The responsibility now with the vaccination would be making sure to have a current, positive, concrete- evidence and assurance, the vaccination will pass with a 70% effective rate. Anything less than 70% the Federal Drug Administration department will not be able to approve the release of a COVID-19 vaccine (Myhre et al, 2020).

Not compared to COVID-19, but the flu vaccination can be developed by using an egg and it can multiply several times over. However, researchers have not found a plant or any other potential resource to increase the development of the COVID-19 vaccine (Myhre et al, 2020). However, when the vaccination is ready public health officials know that they’ll will be many ready to receive the vaccination and also some will have that fear.  Researchers and scientists are working daily to assure the safety and reliability and preparation for the administration of COVID-19 to many community members. The more persons vaccinated will develop antibodies against covid-19 and many will have few to no symptoms. The development expected, is to provide protection for the community, along with the security of fewer to no lives lost.

There are 20 million unvaccinated and under vaccinated children in the world that pose a potential harm to the community, because of parental fears Glasper (2019).

With access to the internet the general public can have access to what’s being said in the social media, ads, and the use of accessing research and have reliable and accessible web links, to official web pages with up to date information.

Currently there are 10 clinical trials to fight against COVID-19. There are four phases a vaccinations has to pass at a 70% effective rate. Two of those vaccinations are in the third phase, 6 are in stages 1-2, and last, there are two COVID-19 vaccination in phase 1 (Myhre et al, 2020).   Public health officials may fight against misinformation on social media and about previously existed fears, But with the internet and the help of the public health officials many can check the web.

Vaccines has been a huge support in keeping America vaccinated against deadly diseases and therefore minimizes suffering from the disease itself which could sometimes be fatal. Diseases has no race, age, gender difference or sexual preference. I feel with the fight of coid-19, it has brought many together to find a common answer to a nation wide spread.


    Glasper, A. (2019). “Strategies to overcome the publics fear of vaccinations”. British Journal of nursing.

    Myhre, James. Sifris, Dennis M.D; Brauner, Dale (2020). “Why developing covid-19 vaccine is so challenging”. Coronavirus news

Why Black Single Mothers Should Accept That They Are Meant To Be “Second Best” —

Yesterday my Boaz was speaking to one of his longtime friends over the phone, and she told him that she has recently started dating a married man. She is an older Ghanaian single mother in her mid 50’s. She’s very successful in both the UK and in Ghana, she works with Presidents, Mayors and Governers […]

Why Black Single Mothers Should Accept That They Are Meant To Be “Second Best” —

In this article the writer is talking about a friend of hers who’s very wealthy and that is a single mother. The mother is not only a single mother but is a single woman of color. She writes about the well-to-do , single mother of color accepting her fate as a single mom and one who is second best, to having true love in her life, from that of a decent man of color. She would be considered second best, Because she’s older, single and with a child.

She also writes about the portrayal of a famous women of color over the age of 35 who end up with that picture perfect marriage. However sadly, that picture perfect marriage is not the true representation, of a woman of color who is a single mother, the writer goes on to say. The writer says, how many of these famous women over the age of 35 who are women of color are not the true image of a woman of color. These women are like Eva from top model, who is not a true women of color. She is the image and portrayal of the woman of color that you see in most television shows. That fairytale family, most women of color are idolizing, is a brown fair skin, light eyes, long straight hair and or short straight hair women.

This writer is not right about the new progressive era of the modern-day single mother of color. Especially, one who is raising a family on her own. She does not have to be a Christian nor does she have to believe in herself to be second choice or to be a concubine to some other woman’s husband. Nor does she have to flaunt herself about, because maybe she has money or maybe because she has a nice body and maybe because she also has a nice face. The single, Black mother of one does not have to fall into the statistics of being an angry black woman who only wants sex and throws herself out there to be used by men. No, the mother can be graceful in her own skin, in her own community and be comfortable with her situation in life. The single mother does not have to be selfish, and think about being tied to another women’s relationship. She would rather focus on living the life of her own for herself and the child (ren) she is raising.

The writer should rather ask a question as to why there are so many single black mothers raising children alone. Opinion-based…. may very well be based on unwed mothers having children out of wedlock during slavery. Then many men of color may have been pulled out of the homes to do work. Therefore, leaving the woman of color to the slave owner(s) and or other field workers. The African American male had to get out and work for his family and the family structure and nuclear family was never secured.

When you leave a women of color home alone to fend for her children during the times of slavery moving into the settlement homes era, and the social movement era one will see there were no good attitudes shed among the single, women of color. While the Black man was nowhere around, because he was away from home working. Young boys became a product of they’re environment. Learning from what they saw. Other men being away from home, while the mother’s stay home or work and provide for the child or children. Then the cycle continued.

Most women of color do not go around accepting the fate to be a mistress, a concubine or second best whether she has it all together or is middle class. Most do not live in the past of their ancestors either. Many pick up and move with the feminist and progressive era and knows she can be accepted in anyway she chooses to put herself out there and she can do anything she chooses to increase her wealth, love and happiness in her life. Hence, the women of color didn’t make a family by herself or was it by choice?


Before entering the world of gaming, a good internet connection is needed. Then once connected to the internet, one can join new platforms, collect data, and have the internet serve as a way to:

  • Conduct Research
  • Downloading files
  • Hold Group Discussion and Build new groups
  • Access to play Interactive games
  • Educate oneself
  • Build friendships 
Image result for pictures of internet

With the internet it provides one access to the world wide web. Which is where one can find access to all types of social platforms and entertainment. Not to mention, being able to hav access to many all over the globe. Which in turn, makes it possible for others on the web to build new friendships with other users on the web. Especially, if both users have a similar interest, like “Gaming”. Gaming is an interactive game on the web or accessed by way of using a game console. These interactive games one likes to play can be destructive, educative, socialize and have a wide range of game plays, created by the content creators. Most gamers, stream or play using an Xbox, PlayStation or use of a Nintendo game console.

Jones and Burgess writes about their research conducted on emotional attachment seen in gaming. They say, most gamers form an attachment to their characters and depending on the attachment to the character played, will depend on how the players operate the character through the game (2020). As well, it is written how some players find themselves relating and “transforming”, through performance in the game to one’s own character (2020). Gamers also, coin the term non players, which are every other avatar not being played, by the player.

This study Conducted by Burgess and Jones, is just one of many points of views on gaming. In other games, such as “mass effect”, there are avatar men, who form relationships with avatar ladies. So, in these games, men player characters are able to form heterosexual relationships/virtual relationships (2020). I suppose then with all the emotional transformation of many gamers feeling like they are their characters, one may also feel an emotional attachment to how they play the game and form these avatar relationships. Emotional attachments, shapes ones behavior and one’s behavior is displayed in how gamers are playing the game. Some behaviors may be aggressive in nature or have no attachment to the character, not leading to outcomes of playing the game.

In an article written by Simon Parkin, he writes about Anita Sarkeesian. She is a feminist who wants the depiction of women in games to display value and not be egotistical or misogynistic (2014). If one thinks about it, gaming can be played by literally any age mate, who has access to being able to play these misogynistic games, lets say. What if since the gaming industry is predominately male dominated, what if that gamer is a young male. This young male ends up playing “fallout universe” or “mass effect”. This game could be teaching this young child different perspectives in how to see a women.  Like in research of Burgess and Jones (2014), showed a distinction between PC’s and NPC’s in which many player characters had opportunities in the game to meet female NPC’s and form relationships. Anita Sarkeesian, wants to add diversity amongst the players who are mainly, male and dominating the gaming world. She would like to take away the misogyny in gaming and raise awareness for gender equality. Meanwhile other serious gamers are afraid of that change and fear they will become oppressed. (2014). But, as more of a progressive era approaches, Anita will continue to speak on the  Which, could be the reason, contributed to the harassment of Anita Sarkeesian, but she will still continue to speak up on gender related issues, especially in gaming (2014).

Image result for pictures of internet

Griffith, Eric (2019). The best Gaming ISP of 2019

Jacqueline Burgess, Christian Jones (2020). I Harbour Strong Feelings for Tali Despite Her Being a Fictional Character”: Investigating Videogame Players’ Emotional Attachments to Non-Player Characters. The international journal of computer game research

Simon Parkin,(2014).Gamergate: A Scandal Erupts in the Video-Game Community. The New Yorker.

ADS and Entertainment

#rotimi. #inmybed

Rotimi has a very interesting music video out. He released an animated music video of one of his original songs, “In my Bed”. He is an actor and a musician. Very talented, especially in his craft for being seen on the t.v set in many individuals living rooms. He played a leading role in “Power”- as Dre an American series, now not airing. However, many have not been familiar with his musical craft. He is a native of New Jersey and his nationality is, Nigerian- American. Yet, music is his first passion. Just similar to many artists who make it, he had no job, but had enough money to move out to Los Angeles, with a dream of stardom. He never gave up and moved in a way, which landed him two hit shows and working with jay-z and ludacris. I feel Rotimi has the best of both worlds when it comes to reaching audiences. I don’t see him slowing down anytime soon. Most men want to show what they can do and how good they are at doing what they can do. Rotimi, is making it work and showing his masculinity in both acting and in the music industry.

If I were to compare Katz writing and how he speaks of White masculinity, I would compare it to most men. When Katz speaks of masculinity, he mentions how most men, “real men”, are physically strong, aggressive and in control of their work. He also says, men will do alot to hold onto their masculine identity. Especially, in the working class world. Some men, advertising in a commodity- driven consumer culture (Katz, Jackson. pg 262). Rotimi, would be one man Katz would refer to as, “masculine identity validation”. Which is said to be a form of validation, by using their body as an instrument of dominance and control. Rotimi does not fall short in showing off his dominance , masculinity or control. He dances with his shirt off, shows his muscles and controls the stage with his voice and dance.

He knows what sells and what to sell to the audience. He shows muscle and sings to his female audience. Sometimes taking off all of his shirts to show his muscles. When it comes to the video on “codes of gender”, it speaks right into the way some men can show misogynistic traits and dominance. Rotimi’s music video, “meeting in my bed”, he sings about making sure he makes the lady happy, with his advances in pursuing her. In his animated version of his song he displays himself falling from the sky with his lady and they fall onto the bed. The sky is dark and lit with stars. In the end he even shows himself and the lady both as animated figures riding off on a horse. The women has an open top on, showing her bra and he has on all his clothing, and maneuvers, trigger fingers towards the camera or audience and ends the video with a wink. His music and ads display his and her body images. His music playing to the ears of both the women and men. It could also appear to the audience that Rotimi, is boasting about himself and how he would be able to pleasure the women.

Now in this video, there could be two other perceptions. One being that he is exploiting women and selling sex. Then on the other side, would be that he is having a good time with the ladies and pulling in the sex appeal and what you see is both genders, male and female displaying heterosexual relations.

When I look at the video of Rotimi, I can see it from the perspective of, “The codes of Gender”, men and women both displaying movement and body language to capture the audience. When looking at most music videos, both genders are usually showing off their physics and showing their strong appearances, giving much attention to what is being worn. Because, most times its little that meets the eye. In the video, Rotimi is displaying his role as a masculine, strong male. He is capturing the audience as well as the ladies in his video giving off that bad girl, hypersexual appeal. The ladies in th video, dancing around the man, as he touches her or sings his lyrics about what he could do to or with her. This is what Gillermo Rebollo, says is the contradiction to the artistic abilities some women may have and what some women choose to display (2012). Both men and women in the music industry knows what sells and what ways to capture the audience and just as Gillermo says, it can be seen as a contradiction but not many women are willing to be a “Queen Latifah”- . She used most of her words to capture her audience and it worked for her vs showing her body and allowing herself to be taken advantage of. In real life or in the music industry, not always will both show the “real person”. However, what is seen most what will bring in the money.

Rebollo-Gill, G and Moras A. (2012).Black Women and Black men in hip-hop music. Mysogyny, violence, and the negotiation of (white-owned) space. The journal of pop culture (45).1. John Wiley Sons.

Katz, Jackson (Pub). Advertising an the Construction of Violent White Masculinity.

Documentary- ” The codes of Gender”

T.V Portrayal of Intersectionality: “Green Leaf”

They leave and then come back

#AfricanAmericans #Religion #Intersectionality #Greenleaf #Sexuality

When I think of green leaves, I think about it in the form of individuals lives. Leaves can be in comparison to life. They live, reproduce and die. No human stays for long. We grow, and try to stay healthy. We live and love, all the while life goes on. Leaves only function and grow based on the environment. However, leaves are not completely responsible for much as they do not have a brain to reflect thinking and a place to compartimentalize decision making, the way humans do. In the show Greenleaf about an African American family, many of the family members fall to the stressors of the church, family obligations and their own personal lives conflicting with that of the first leading family of an all Black church. However, just like a green leaf, this family hangs on to the strongest branches of their family and revitalize their spirits and do not give up on the challenges they are faced with. The challenges for this family just keep coming one after the other.

Greenleaf: OWN Network Hit Is The Number One Cable Telecast For ...

In the article written by A. Williams and V. Gonlin, they talk about the t.v portrayal of many African American women on T.V and how many women of color are portrayed as lighter skinned, curly and or straight hair. This depiction is true of Green leaf and the portrayal of the women of color. However, they also wrote, how many women of color are displayed as tough, unattractive, undesirable or sexually immoral and hypersexual (2017). Greenleaf with its different images of the colored woman, does a great job showing the diverse roles the women play in the church and in their personal lives. The show has much to show in regards to race, gender differences and sexuality.


“Greenleaf”, is the name of the First African American, Christian family who owns the widely known, all Black church in the south of Memphis. The family has many gender differences and intersectionalities of their life and the church xcorssing paths and eventually, many of those intersectionalities come to be apart of the churches gossip hall, leaving many of the women and men in charge of defending or not defending parts of their lives. Many of people of color in this cast are put on the spot and have to show vulnerability and which goes for both men and women.

Culture -People of color & the church

Historically, religion has been an important component in many African Americans lives. The church has been/is a house and home to many, regardless of what goes on behind the closed doors of one’s home.

Church is known as the one place people and African Americans can set their problems aside and focus on reconnecting with family, friends, husbands, wives children and the like. Church is also known as a place where one can go personally to connect with God and pray about any stress or issues.

I believe because of the mostly, all African American cast, and how important religion has been to African Americans, could be the reason this series takes place in the church and in the south. Many couples and relationships in “Greenleaf”, do not directly, and immediately focus on matters which are stressful and create disturbances in their lives. Many may stay silent and wait for God’s time and intervention. In the meantime, many stay focused on the church life and holding up a picture perfect life.

For instance, in the series “Greenleaf”, season 1:E9, a Bishop is accused of having inappropriate relationships with young ladies. These women are in the church and in bishop’s family. Many, whom are not yet consenting adults. It makes me think of the “other man”, and the life of a man having two lives. One good and the other breaking the law just to have personal satisfaction.

The bishop may have not been suspected because of his personal relationship in/ with the church as a responsible “God fearing” man. However, one of his family member’s intervened an investigated old complaints and allegations.The bishop was exposed. If not, bishop may have kept doing wrong. He was operating on his own terms and hiding behind his leadership of the church. He may have been also hiding behind the entitlement of being a member of the Greenleaf family, who owns the church.

Then there’s Charity’s husband, whom has identity issue and on the way to becoming a new father. If a person of color was struggling with an identity issue or maybe someone watching the show just wants to converse with others about the shows controversy and gender differences, William and Gonlin touch on some points. In the article written by William and Gonlin; if potentially someone or other persons of color were tuning into watch “Greenleaf”, and wanted to tune into a “second screen”, or online, via tuning into “Black” twitter to interact with other people of color, then Black twitter could be one place others could go and relate to others and affirm personal opinions (2017).

Why there’s Still Potential Secrecy in The Church: Intersectionality, Creating Division & Opportunity of Those Individuals Who Break The Law and Those Individuals Still Identifying with self (sexuality).

According to Nadolny (2020), USA today, a church may mishandle crimes, such as sexual assault due to scrutiny, limited understanding, limited guidance, and ignorance.

In Dade’s opinion, African American churches are “hypocrisy”. He says, many churches operate on a “don’t ask, don’t tell” moto. This enables members of the LBGTQ+ community to still participate, in the church. Mainly on the churches choir and in other positions of authority (hypocrisy). This is an older article, but Dade also mentions, president Obama opening the door to the acceptance of same sex marriage and yet religious leaders still being in opposition. Especially, those religious leaders of the African American community (Dade, 2012).

The divide is moving towards change, especially with people of color belonging to the LGBTQ+ community, the portrayal of the African American man and his role as a masculine male. In “Greenleaf”, even though some of the men struggle with their sexual orientation, it doesn’t seem to take away the Presence of their masculinity.


Williams, A. and Gonlin, Vanessa (2017).I got all my sisters with me (on Black Twitter): second screening of how to get away with Murder as a discourse on Black Womanhood, Information,Communication & society.

First Meal

It’s usually complicated for me to choose a meal to eat for breakfast. It’s taken me 30+ years to finally figure out I need to keep it simple and today memorial day. I want to share the simplicity of my first fruits, protein and meal of the day. Tell me, what do you like for breakfast?