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7 Foundations of a Successful Marriage — Varsity Experience

Marriage is an institution, a state of being married or the union of two people, usually to the exclusion of all others. Foundation is the starting point of anything that demand building. For example, if you want build a house, business, relationship, project etc you must build a foundation for it. The stronger the foundation […]

7 Foundations of a Successful Marriage — Varsity Experience

What Happens When You Go Offline

The Information Age is also the age of information overload. Here’s what one person learned about the human brain after cleansing himself of screens.

What Happens When You Go Offline

Great read to what has happened to society over the past few months. Everyone around the globe facing the fight against COVID-19. Non essential worker’s filing for unemployment and maybe even much needed time off from work and time to spend with family. However not everyone may see it that way. No work!

While sitting at home with oneself or family, besides going outside what else is there to do! I can tell you shutting everything off is easy, but maintaining the stance to keep everything off and soley rely on other senses and not using any type of an electronic device is sometimes complicated. I have many loved ones chatting and greeting me, that when the phone is put away, I must still go and check it periodically, whether someone hit me up or not. Then, I may even get stuck scrolling through recent news, right at my finger tips and before you know it two hours passed. Even with work, or to be without work sight has always been a major sense used 😲 ….. Computers, cell phones, cameras and video recording and the like….. Share, like and tell me what your thoughts are about the read.

Duggar Family Found In Violation Of Ban On Large Gatherings — The Babylon Bee

Now I wonder how many of us during quarantine have made a way to visit with family and friends! This family seems to always get put on the headlines when it comes to talking about religious beliefs and convictions and what it’s like to raise and discipline a large family. Now, here’s something new to gossip about, when it comes to this family, I would say many families have continued to gather, even with the stay at home orders. This family is in the public spotlight and anything controversial, to speak against this Christian family adds more dollars to the ones reporting it. This family getting together is no big deal, since they are more than half that of a small church gathering which in recent news, has been mentioned as to where several spreads of COVID-19 was a concern. Let’s look into that, it’s more of a major health concern, than this family gathering on their private 500+ acres of land. They have plenty of room to social distance themselves, because of Corona, which is not a situation to take lightly. Tell me what y’all think!